The US Army is Fighting Itself in a Gender Ideology War, Its Getting Ugly

A house divided against itself cannot stand”

The Biden administration, which came to power on the promise of inclusiveness and more Left wing ideological infusion into all structures of government may be causing a collapse in America’s military structure.

The Democrats are pushing an ideology that now allows transgender athletes engage in women’s sports.

Under the Trump administration, transgender folks were removed from health insurance for hormone therapy in the military even as it ensured strict compliance to combat and physical training.

US Army
US Army

Over the weekend, the US military halted gender-neutral Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) test as female soldiers were failing at a rate of 65%, according to a Pentagon study. Pentagon sources say review to make it fair to “both genders” underway.

Tucker Carlson, a Fox TV political commentator known for his conservative stand had called out the US Army for embarking on gender training issues rather than focusing on winning “the next war”.

There were videos of men in uniform putting on shoes that belonged to women as a form of awareness over women’s issues. The ideological war within the military could make it a soft target and totally crumble the once most advanced and sophisticated military.

Where some Left wing ideologues believe the US military is just a brand, a breeding place for white male domination, male power, then it raises the fear of a military that will soon be weak in facing real battles. Pictures of military women in make up has also infuriated many in the military ranks as unnecessary distraction.

There were reports over the weekend of a cyber attack according to the DoD and many right wing military generals may begin to disagree with policies that make the organization a center of ideological wokeness and cancel culture.

The US military will be weakened by internal infilterations caused by lack of focus due to ideological differences. By the time they’re ready to defend, such issues will prevent it from performing the task of protecting itself and others as a leader of the free world. Things will fall apart.

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