US Election 2020: Trump On A Meltdown As He Claims Voter Fraud Without Evidence

President Donald Trump is on a meltdown with his unsubstantiated claims that his political opponents are attempting to steal his election victory.

Mr Trump has made wild claims ranging from plans to steal his vote to illegal votes without offering any evidence for his allegations of wide-scale ballot tempering.

The President first public appearance for 36 hours at the White House said: “if you count the legal votes, I easily win”.

Votes are still being counted in many battle states and no victor has been announced yet, however, the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden is leading in both the Electoral College and the popular votes.

Mr Trump is fighting to get his allegations across but he is constantly being fact-checked by his preferred social medium, Twitter and many US news networks stopped broadcasting when the President came up with unfounded allegations that Mr Biden is stealing his votes, mostly in the states the opposition is taking the leads.

MSNBC, CBS, USA Today, ABC and NBC are among many news outlets that disconnected halfway into Mr Trump’s White House speech.

Meanwhile, Mr Biden has continued to urge his supporters to exercise patients, assuring that “each ballot must be counted” while asking them to stay calm” because “the process is working”.

The Democratic candidate said he felt “very good about where we stand”, unlike Trump, Biden said he had “no doubt” that he will be declared the winner.

Current US Election Result

Races in many battleground states are too closed to call as counting continues and Mr Trump is frightened by the change of events even in some states he thought he would win easily.

Joe Biden is currently 16 Electoral College votes short of the 270 required to clinch the White House while Mr Trump is still far behind with 56 Electoral College votes needed to retain his office.

If Mr Biden wrestles Pennsylvania from Mr Trump, he will gain 20 more to push him across the line, however, failure will make for an even tighter finale.

On the night of the election, Mr Trump demanded a count in four states to cease after claiming victory before key results had been announced.

He also accused his political rival of a “fraud on the American public”

Trump is counting on his plans to drag the electoral college to court as he hinted that there will be “a lot of litigation” claiming that “they are trying to steal an election, they are trying to rig an election and we can’t let that happen”.

Mr President’s allegations have remained just words as he refused to provide proofs despite being pressed repeatedly but vowed: “It’s going to end up perhaps at the highest court in the land.”

It could be recalled that on September 26, Trump, against all odds, pushed Amy Coney Barett as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg replacement

As Trump continued to threaten that his challenges will get to the “highest court in the land”, it is assumed that Trump may have gone against his party beliefs to push Amy Coney Barett through ahead of the election as his plan B.

Meanwhile, Mr Biden’s team has described Trump’s intervention as “desperate, baseless and a sure sign he’s losing.”

Donald Trump’s son, Donald Jr urged his father to “go to total war” over the “cheating that has been going on for far too long” – again without evidence.

Trump lost a legal bid in Michigan to halt counting after claiming that he “won the legal votes”.

The President has launched legal actions in several states to halt further counts of mail-in-ballots.

In Nevada, counting will take longer as more results are not expected until Friday.

Similarly, Secretary of state Kathy Boockvar said the overwhelming majority of ballots in Pennsylvania will be counted by Friday”.

She disagreed with the President that there was any evidence of voter fraud apart from a man who attempted to get a ballot for a deceased relative which she said was discovered several weeks ago.

Compared to the 2016 Presidential election, the final result is taking longer than normal as many people cast their ballots by post due to the pandemic.

If Mr Biden continues in the lead and clinches the White House, removing Mr Trump from office might cause more division in the country as reports have it that some of his supporters are surrounding ballot counting centres.

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