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WANTED American white-widow sings Osama Bin laden’s praises, vow to continue TERRORISM where he stops

*Files found on ‘White Widow’s’ laptop include a 34-line ‘Ode to Osama’ poem
*Penned poem to Osama bin Laden shortly after he was killed by US forces

 Files found on the ‘White Widow’s’ laptop include a 34-line ‘Ode to Osama’ in which she tells of her love for Osama bin Laden and describes him as ‘my father, my brother’.

WHITE WIDOWThe photos and poem were among 2,000 files recovered from a computer and flash drive Samantha Lewthwaite tried to destroy before she fled police who were hunting her in Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa in December 2011.

She has been named as the al-Shabaab extremist who plotted the Kenyan mall attack, which killed more than 70 innocent civilians.

Lewthwaite – who was married to the July 7 bomber Germaine Lindsay – is in hiding after Interpol issued a ‘red notice’ alert for her capture shortly after the Westgate shopping mall massacre in Nairobi, Kenya, last month.

It is thought that the 29-year-old soldier’s daughter from Aylesbury is being harboured by al-Shabaab, the Somali terrorists who carried out the slaughter which killed dozens of innocent civilians.

Among them are photos which show her with her four children and internet searches for fitness programmes.

According to the files, Lewthwaite used the alias Natalie Faye Webb, a name on a fake South African passport, to rent an apartment near The Junction mall in Nairobi, a shopping centre similar to Westgate and popular with expats and middle class Kenyans.

It may have been another potential terror target, British and Kenyan intelligence believe.

She penned the poem to Osama bin Laden shortly after he was killed by US special forces during a daring raid at his Pakistan safe house in May 2011.

‘Oh sheik Osama my father, my brother, my love for you is like no other,’ reads the ode.

Part of it continues: ‘Oh Sheik Osama now that you are gone, the Muslims must wake up they must be strong.

‘Us we are left to continue what you started. To seek the victory until we are martyred.’

A chilling diary penned by the fanatic shows how she attempted to groom her innocent children into becoming ‘Islamic holy warriors’.

The world’s most wanted woman wrote about how she was proud that her children wanted to be mujahids – those who declare jihad against ‘unbelievers’ – after she and her late husband would talk to the children about holy wars.

Over nine scrawled pages she writes out her plot to murder disbelievers and incite others – including her four children – to do the same.

The crumpled A4 manuscript was found in a Kenyan safe house in which she and fellow Islamic extremists were planning an attack on two hotels and a shopping centre.

The diary shows she is grooming them to follow in the footsteps of their father, 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay.

After Lindsay killed 26 people in London, his young, seemingly shy and pregnant wife described his crimes as ‘abhorrent’.

Lewthwaite, who was forced to go into hiding, said initially: ‘I totally condemn and am horrified by the atrocities.

‘I never predicted or imagined that he was involved in such horrific activities. He was a loving husband and father.’

But secretly writing in her notebook, the fugitive tells of her love for the man who ‘gave his all to Allah’ and how ‘blessed’ she is to have been the wife of a terrorist.

In one passage she fondly writes about how her children had taken lessons from their father about what ambitions they had.

She wrote: ‘Recently my beloved husband (Lindsay) gave a talk to my eight-year-old son and five-year-old daughter.

‘He asked them what do you want to be when you are older? Both had many answers but both agreed to one of wanting to be a mujahid. He asked them how did they plan to achieve such a goal, and what really is a mujahid?’

Her children by Lindsay, nine-year-old Abdullah and Ruqayyah, eight, have the middle names Shaheed and Shahidah, male and female forms of the word martyr. Lewthwaite was pregnant with Ruqayyah when Lindsay blew himself up.

Lewthwaite planned to write as many as six chapters about Jihad, each containing her answers to questions.

Two examples she included were: ‘Explain in detail what it means to be a stranger amongst your own family, friends’ and ‘How is the reality of leaving your mothers, wives and children behind?’

Her two younger children, five-year-old Abdur-Rahman and Surajah, three, are thought to be the product of a relationship with London-born terrorist Habib Saleh Ghani.

A member of Al Shabaab – a Somali offshoot of Al Qaeda, the 28-year-old is thought to have been killed earlier this month in a gunfight with a rival group.

Lewthwaite’s accomplice in Mombasa is alleged to have been Jermaine Grant, 29, from Newham, east London, who is standing trial in the port accused of planning to cause the loss of life and possessing bomb-making materials.

She is thought to be in hiding in Tanzania or Somalia and an Al Shabaab spokesman says she was involved in the Nairobi atrocity.



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